Caverta 100 mg

A lot of men all over the world are bothered with a similar problem that interferes in their sexual life and deprives of the opportunity to perform well in bed. We are speaking about the disorder called Erectile Dysfunction. Those who suffer from it cannot either to develop or to hold an erection. The main reason for developing ED is hidden in the smooth muscles of a man’s penis. They need to be relaxed to let the blood flow into and make the penis bigger. But when the muscles are tense, they do not let the blood get into the penis – that’s how erectile dysfunction occurs.

Caverta: is it the way out?
Fortunately, some drugs were created to let men fight ED. One of them is called Caverta. This drug is produced by Ranbaxy, the pharmaceutical company situated in India. The active component of this medication is called Sildenafil citrate – the most powerful “weapon” against erectile dysfunction. Nowadays you can buy Caverta cheap, much cheaper than brand Sildenafil citrate. However, the way of action, side effects and therapeutic effect of these two drugs are almost the same. An ordinary customer could notice the difference only in the shape of tablets and packs, but the effect from using Caverta will be the same. So you have an opportunity to save money and get stunning results!

Where can I buy Caverta?
The best option is to buy Caverta online. Just make a request “Caverta buy” or the extended variant- “Caverta buy online” – and you’ll get the list of websites where you can order the drug you need. You can also buy Caverta on our website, but before you do this, we recommend you to get acquainted with some important information concerning this drug to find out whether it would be safe for you to use Caverta.

Caverta: How does it work?
The active component of Caverta – Sildenafil citrate – lets the blood get into penis so that it can provide a natural response to stimulation. During sexual excitement the released nitric oxide activates the enzyme called guanylate cyclase that, in its turn, increases the levels of cGMP or cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Sildenafil inhibits cGMP PDE-5 that usually breaks down cGMP. As a result, smooth muscles of a man’s penis become relaxed and the blood flow to the penis increases.

When can I take Caverta?
If you are 18 y.o. or older and if you are sure that you are suffering from ED (not from any other condition), you are allowed to take Caverta. But you should read the Contraindications section first.

How should I take Caverta?
Nowadays you can buy tablets Caverta 100mg or 50mg. Depending on your age, medical history and some other parameters, you can be advised to take this or that dose. Elderly patients with hepatic or renal failure are mostly allowed to take maximum 25 mg of the drug. Usually Caverta is taken 30-60 min before having sex. But one should keep in mind that he should be sexually stimulated to make the drug work.

One should not use Caverta or ask the doctor first in case of :

- being under 18
- having allergy or being hypersensitive to the drug’s components,
- being pregnant or breast-feeding (the medicine should not be used in women at all),
- suffering from hepatic failure or liver cirrhosis,
- suffering from kidney disease,
- suffering from angina, hypotension, hypertension, congestive heart failure or coronary heart disease,
- suffering from sickle cell anemia, multiply myeloma or leukemia,
- having a stroke or a heart attack for the past half of a year,
- suffering from retinitis pigmentosa,
- having deformation of the penis due to its anatomy (cavernosal fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease or angulation),
- being using concomitant applications with alpha blockers, nitrates and other drugs.

Side effects
While taking Caverta one may experience serious side effects that include:
- Stomach disturbances,
- Dizziness,
- Diarrhea,
- Skin rash,
- Urinary tract infections,
- Hot flashings,
- Nasal congestion,
- Vision impairment,
- Prolonged and painful erection.

In case any of these side effects develops, do not use the drug anymore and call an ambulance.
One may also experience less serious side effects. They include:
- stuffy nose,
- memory problems,
- headache,
- back pain,
- redness in one’s face,
- upset stomach,
- common cold symptoms.

Important to know
Very rarely, but still such cases sometimes happen, when a patient suddenly loses vision after taking Caverta. This condition is known as NAION – nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. The following conditions are considered to be risk factors:
- Cardiovascular diseases,
- Hypertension,
- Diabetes,
- Age over 60 years,
- Atherosclerosis,
- Alcohol abuse,
- Smoking.

Drug interactions
Caverta may interact with the following drugs:
- Cimetidine. The interaction increases the chances of developing side effects.
- Erythromycin. The interaction may lead to changes in how Sildenafil citrate is metabolized by the organism.
- Ritonavir / Indinavir. The interaction increases the level of sildenafil in the blood.
- Nitrates. The interaction may lead to life-threatening condition – extremely low blood pressure.
- Alpha blockers. The interaction may lead to drop in blood pressure.
- Norvasc (amodipine). The interaction may lead to extreme hypotension.
- Antimycotics. The interaction may lead to changes in how Sildenafil citrate is metabolized by the organism.

If you are taking the following drugs at the moment, ask your doctor whether you can use Caverta:
- bosentan (Tracleer),
- conivaptan (Vaprisol),
- cimetidine (Tagamet),
- isoniazid (for treating tuberculosis),
- rifampin (Rimactane, Rifadin, Rifamate, Rifater),
- imatinib (Gleevec);
- antidepressants,
- voriconazole (Vfend),
- itraconazole (Sporanox),
- miconazole (Oravig),
- ketoconazole (Nizoral),
- clarithromycin (Biaxin),
- telithromycin (Ketek),
- dalfopristin/quinupristin (Synercid),
- diltiazem (Dilacor,Cardizem, Tiazac),
- nicardipine (Cardene),
- verapamil (Covera, Calan, Verelan, Isoptin)
- doxazosin (Cardura),
quinidine (Quin-G),
- atazanavir (Reyataz),
- ritonavir (Kaletra, Norvir),
- indinavir (Crixivan),
- delavirdine (Rescriptor),
- fosamprenavir (Lexiva),
- saquinavir (Invirase),
- nelfinavir (Viracept),

Never take Caverta with alcohol, as this may lead to tachycardia, dizziness or very low blood pressure.

Store Caverta at dry place that is protecteda from moisture and light. Keep away from children.