Edegra 50 mg

Edegra is one of the forms of generic Viagra which mainly consists of sildenafil citrate. The main work of the drug is to make good blood inflow into the arteries which in turn helps a man to overcome sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. Edegra not only solves the problem of erectile dysfunction but also helps to achieve a long lasting erection. This in turn helps a man to shed all his inhibitions and he turns out to be an active sexual partner on the bed. Apart from this, Edegra is also useful to treat certain other disease like cardiac problems and cancer related disorders.


Edegra comes with various shapes and sizes. It is advisable to take a maximum dosage of edegra pill is 50 mg. one pill should be taken in 24 hours. Edegra is an over the counter pill so it can be available in all leading stores. Nowadays with the advent of internet the world has really come closer. In fact people still feel awkward asking about these kinds of medicines over the counter. In this case you can order the pill from the online pharmacies. Not only will get the drug delivered to you in your doorstep but also you can avail a discount. This is because these pharmaceutical companies buy these drugs in bulk.

Side effects:-

It is advisable that you take the Edegra drug in a minimum dosage. This is because a heavy dose of Edegra drug can lead to serious health problems. People with health problems such as heart disease and renal disorders should avoid these kinds of drugs. Some people are also allergic to these kinds of drugs. They should also avoid these drugs.


It is advisable to use the edegra  drug carefully before you expect any result. The fact is edegra takes around thirty minutes to one hour for the drug to work. If somebody after taking the drug thinks that it will work in a second then you are in a wrong notion. Have patience and wait for the edegra pills to take its own course and enjoy.


Some severe complications can be seen associated with the edegra drug. These include palpitations in heart breathlessness and other heart ailments. It is advisable to see a doctor immediately in such cases. Otherwise the condition of the patient can be fatal. Finally it can be said that every drug taken wisely has a positive effect or vice versa.