Nizagara is a treatment option for erectile dysfunction. It comes in the form of soft tablets that are to be taken orally. The company sells their product globally, and has been doing so for over five years. It claims to be effective in 80% of all men who use it. Nizagara also boasts a safety record that allows men who cannot take other pills to use it.

Nizagara claims to be able to work within 25 minutes to one hour, with effects lasting up to four hours in some men.

The active ingredient in Nizagara is Sildenafil, which is only available by prescription. It is the same ingredient used in brand-name products such as Viagra, used to treat erectile dysfunction. While these medicines have shown positive results in helping men gain erections, they can many times come with side effects, sometimes severe (depending upon interpretation of “severe”). Headaches, blurred vision, and sudden hearing loss have been reported. So it weighs heavily on the consumer whether to pursue this route or to invest in all-natural products that may require some more dedication for full results.

- claims to help men overcome ED
- has established a safety record for over five years
- may help maintain an erection
- available in a variety of flavors

- some may experience unwanted side effects
- only available by prescription

- Sildenafil
Collected on April 8, 2011
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